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Auto Ricci and Carrier Veiculos partner in Brazil

Exame reports that Auto Ricci and Carrier Veículos from the state of Paraná have announced the merge of their operations.  With this merge they become the sixth largest car rental company in Brazil, with a fleet of more than 13,000 cars.

Operating on the market for nearly two decades, Ricci currently has a fleet of10,500 vehicles and is currently active on the entire Brazilian territory.  Carrier has been operating for 17 years and is headquartered in Curitiba, with a branch in São Paulo.

"With the partnership, we will strengthen our commitment to offer our clients services with a high level of quality and competitiveness. This will allow us to achieve a position that stands out in the national scenario, in a sector with great potential for growth”, stated Ricci.
Source: Exame 30/09/2013  |  Laetitia Fernandez


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