Past event10 Oct 23

Connected Fleets Expert Meeting


Starting: 10 Oct 23 - 14:00
Ending: 10 Oct 23 - 16:00

 Powering Fleet Sustainability and Safety through Telematics - 02:00 - 04:00 pm

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In this Connected Fleets Expert meeting, we will talk about:
•    Innovation in connected technology: 
View on the latest developments in connected fleet technology
•    Successfully navigating the transition to an e-fleet: 
How fleet connectivity helps you make the right choices for your electric fleet
•    EV charging load management: 
How connected technology supports rightcharging your electric fleet without compromising on cost and driver satisfaction
•    The ROI of Safety telematics: 
Insights into the cost-benefit ratio of fleet telematics for road and driver safety purposes
•    Mitigating risks with video telematics: 
How in-vehicle camera technology boosts fleet and driver safety 


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