Past event9 Nov 21

Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum


Starting: 9 Nov 21 - 09:00
Ending: 9 Nov 21 - 22:00

The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will take place on the 9th of November in Brussels, Belgium.

This one-day experience will be the best place to discover the innovations that are shaping the Remarketing Industry and to prepare yourself for the future of Fleet & Mobility. With the remarketing village where you can meet and interact with suppliers and fellow professionals active in the remarketing industry, we are certain that once again the remarketing Forum will be the highlight of the year.

How electrification will separate winners from losers in Remarketing

Even amid radical change, some things stay the same. This year’s Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum explores how to make the most of both situations. Seize these opportunities to be among tomorrow’s Remarketing winners!

  • First, the change – and it’s a massive one. Electrification is radically transforming the automotive landscape and the mobility paradigm. Remarketing, too, is never going to be the same again. So, what are the latest developments? Which ones are relevant to remarketers? And how can they turn the EV challenge into an opportunity to maximise profit?
  • But let’s not just focus on what changes. Remarketers also need to pay attention to existing trends, and the opportunities created by optimising By looking beyond the ‘metal margin’ to ancillary services. By focusing on refurbishment. And by seizing the complex but increasingly profitable LCV segment.

The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum runs concurrently with the first day of the Fleet Europe Summit. Before noon, we focus on the change. After lunch, on optimisation. In between, we’ll also present the contenders for this year’s Fleet Europe Summit Remarketing Award – an interesting sample of the innovation transforming our industry.