5 Oct 23

Fleet Europe Webinar with Samsara


Starting: 5 Oct 23 - 14:00
Ending: 5 Oct 23 - 15:00

Fleet Europe Webinar with Samsara


Connect your operations to increase fleet safety, efficiency and sustainability

Fleet managers across Europe today all face significant challenges. From staff shortages, to rising business costs and systems that fail to talk to each other, the industry landscape is tough — and those in charge are under a lot of pressure just to keep the lights on.

But it’s not all bad news. By developing a deeper understanding of what’s going on, what it means for your business, and, crucially, what support is available to you, you can overcome these challenges.

And it’s exactly that which we’ll explore in an exclusive webinar with Fleet Europe's Steven Schoefs, Head of Strategic Relations, and Samsara’s John Mills on Thursday 5 October, at 2:00pm Cest. Using insights from the 2023 State of Connected Operations report, we’ll delve into exactly what today’s changing landscape means for organisations and highlight some of the key pressure points for fleet managers right now, including:

  • The need to keep costs down wherever possible — driver insurance, incident management, and general business efficiency — to combat rising business costs

- 56% of leaders say improving workforce productivity with new technologies is a critical priority - while 94% reported “breaking down data silos” was critical to their survival

  • The need to train employees quickly in the face of a shallow, ageing talent pool

- 52% of those surveyed said training, upskilling and reskilling employees to use new technologies is a top workforce priority - while 56% of Connected Operations Leaders report increased employee retention as a benefit of upskilling and reskilling employees

  • The need to connect systems and keep everything running smoothly as organisations move away from paper-based processes

- 72% are leaning into greater digital investment, increasing their technology budgets this year

As part of our discussion, we’ll also touch on:

  • The crucial role of Samsara in boosting efficiency and keeping costs down across the entire organisation

  • How seamless technology can improve the employee experience and lead to better retention rates

  • The knock-on effect this kind of technology can have across multiple areas of business

  • Real-life examples from customers who have already seen success with Samsara