Past event7 Mar 23

Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting


Starting: 7 Mar 23 - 16:00
Ending: 7 Mar 23 - 18:00

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Successfully governing your LatAm fleet despite economic and vehicle supply challenges


UTC/GMT +1 hour

7 March 2023

04:00PM – 04:15PM: Introduction to the new concept of the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting by Pascal Serres

Presentation of the Advisory board; new concept, new people

04:15PM – 04:45PM: Economic outlook & Impact of inflation on the business

04:45PM – 05:35PM: Overcoming the vehicle supply and car shortage issue

05:35PM – 05:55PM: Panel discussion: How to successfully manage your LatAm fleet TCO

05:55PM – 06:00PM: Conclusion & introduction to the next session