13 Apr 23

Global Fleet Managers Club


Starting: 13 Apr 23 - 16:00
Ending: 13 Apr 23 - 17:30

About the Global Fleet Managers Club

Who better to learn from than your global fleet peers’ best practices? That's the idea behind the Global Fleet Managers Club – a meeting uniquely based on best-practice sharing by and for global and international fleet managers.

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From Global Strategy to Regional Policy

Designing and setting up a global fleet strategy is one thing. But deploying and implementing it is quite another. To get from A to B, you must translate high-level guiding principles into local rules that are both practicable and measurable. 

The key word here is ‘local’ because the world’s many regions and countries are a patchwork of different business preferences, varying levels of market maturity, specific supplier offerings, and particular legislative frameworks. In other words: that translation from global strategy to regional policy is easier said than done. 

You need more than a good plan. You also need strong buy-in from your leadership. You also must communicate clearly with all stakeholders. You must be flexible. And last but not least, you must be aware of regional and even local differences and realise that they matter. Added up, that’s a good description of the skillset of today’s global fleet manager. And a recipe for his or her success. 

But how do you actually get from A to B? The best way to learn is to listen to those who have already successfully done it, and ask them questions. Join our upcoming session of the Global Fleet Managers Club – topic: ‘How to translate a global strategy into regional policies’.  


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