Past event8 Feb 24

Global Fleet Managers Club (GFMC)


Starting: 8 Feb 24 - 04:00

Global Fleet Managers Club talks Open Data Sourcing and Data Capturing on 8 February

Benchmarking your international fleet strategy is crucial to understand how to drive forward your international fleet strategy. In light of the expanding fleet supply chain, your strict objectives regarding fleet sustainability, electrification and CSR, and the need for data insights coupled to digitisation and connectivity, benchmarking will support seizing opportunities in the months and years to come. 
And that’s exactly what the Global Fleet Managers Club is all about. Since 2018 the Global Fleet  Managers Club brings together global and regional fleet buyers of both passenger car and LCV fleets to share best practices, discuss emerging fleet and mobility trends and network in a closed business environment. 

Today the Global Fleet Managers Club has more than 150 members, representing the largest fleets across the globe with all together close to 2 million fleet vehicles. As such the Club represents an important community within the industry. 
The first session of 2024 will focus on the need for Open Data Sourcing, discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of gathering the right fleet data for your reporting obligations. A panel of international fleet peers will detail how they source and manage data, whereafter you have the opportunity to ask your questions. 

When: 8 February 2024, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm CET
Where: Virtual Session 


Mark Your Calendar

Global Fleet Managers Club Agenda 2024:
•    Thursday 8 February at 4pm CET – Open Data Sourcing & Data Capturing - Virtual Experience
•    Thursday 11 April at 4pm CET – Electrification asks for Fleet Rightsizing - Virtual Experience
•    Monday 13 May – In Real Live, to kick off the 2024 Global Fleet Summit in Cascais, Portugal
•    Thursday 5 September at 4pm CET – Virtual Experience
•    Wednesday 23 October –In Real Live, at the 2024 Fleet Europe Days in Milan, Italy
•    Tuesday 26 November – Power Talks and Best Practices around the world , at the 2024 Global Fleet Summit Virtual Experience


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