Past event4 May 17

IFMI Webinar: Diesel or Petrol. How to identify the best choice for your fleet


Starting: 4 May 17 - 16:30
Ending: 4 May 17 - 17:15

The pressure on diesel as preferred fuel type on European roads is increasing, as CO2 as an environmental concept is criticised, regulation and taxation with regard to diesel is becoming increasingly severe with hundreds of cities having in place low emission zones. Today diesel is still the largely preferred fuel type for fleets in Europe, but fleet managers are questioning the future of diesel, at least for a part of their drivers and employees. 

In this webinar corporate fleet managers will get insight in the legal and fiscal context of diesel in Europe, and be informed about the key criteria to make the right fuel choice between diesel and petrol. 


1. Legal & Taxation context – presenter: Erwin Boumans – BDO 
2. Diesel or Petrol: making the right choice – presenters: Hervé Girardot – Arval and Mathijs van der Goot – LeasePlan International 
3. Case Study corporate client: why the switch from diesel to petrol - Patrick Martinoli, Fleet Management Department Director, Facilities & Mobility Management, Orange 

This Webinar is for fleet customers only.