7 Mar 24

Remarketing Expert Track


Starting: 7 Mar 24 - 14:00

Optimising used car values - From accurate forecasting to wholesale and retail success

Our European automotive and fleet landscape has been experiencing increased volatility, resulting in an important shift from a buyer's to a seller's driven second hand vehicle market.

Join us for an insightful Remarketing Expert Track (webinar) where Residual Value experts will unravel and discuss the evolving market dynamics and their impact on the remarketing business.

Our updated format ensures obtaining the right insights and will empower you to shape your future business perspectives. Navigating these challenging but exciting times, we'll also take time to delve into strategies for optimising used car values, extracting maximum value from our assets, whether in wholesale or retail.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategic foresight in vehicle remarketing.