17 Feb 22

Smart Mobility Institute


Starting: 17 Feb 22 - 13:00
Ending: 17 Feb 22 - 17:00

How Connectivity can support the uptake of alternative mobility solutions?

Visionary Fleet & Mobility experts, Comp & Ben specialists, tech start-ups and leading providers in smart and mobility will come together to scrutinise the technology and business models trends in Connected Mobility.

Join us for a 4-hour intense workshop with leading mobility companies on the hottest topics for Fleet & Mobility specialists, including turning data into valuable insights, revolutionising the employee experience, enhancing safety and sustainability, and having access to more flexible and personalised mobility.

In today’s era of information noise and overload, a selection of the best experts in the field will distil the content that counts so that you don’t have to. Participate in riveting live conversations and find out what mobility providers are doing today to succeed tomorrow. Join peer-to-peer discussions to expand your knowledge and network. This is a must-attend, strategy-focused workshop for anyone operating at the juncture of traditional fleet management and technology-driven smart mobility for corporates.


Key topics in this SMI session are:

  • What is Connected Mobility, and in which areas of Corporate Mobility is it relevant?

  • How can Connectivity support the uptake of alternative mobility solutions?

  • What happens to the vast quantity of data coming from connectivity technology? Who has access to it, and who owns it? And how can cybersecurity risks be tackled?

  • Best practices and lessons learned from pace-setting corporates in Connected Mobility.