16 Apr 24

Smart Mobility Institute (SMI)


Starting: 16 Apr 24 - 14:00

“Sustainable Mobility at Work”

The landscape of mobility has significantly advanced. Providers are able to deliver the three cornerstones of a seamless integration and successful adoption of mobility solutions: a streamlined implementation, operational efficiencies and an exceptional employee experience.
For corporate clients, extending mobility options to employees represents even more than just another tool in the toolbox. Mobility not only serves as a pivotal solution for boosting employee satisfaction but also plays an active role in advancing the company's sustainability objectives.
Within the Smart Mobility Institute, our focus goes to the different viewpoints of bringing a mobility program to live. We delve into the rationale (employee satisfaction, sustainability), the implementation, the operationalising and, ultimately, the experience for employees and employers.

Join us at "Sustainable Mobility at Work" for a holistic perspective on all facets of mobility.


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April 16th 2024


Uber, Burgerweeshuispad 301, Amsterdam

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Corporate Fleet Managers, Corporate Travel Managers, Procurement, HR Netherlands/Belgium