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About us

New thinking. New concepts.

With ARI you reduce your fleet costs.

ARIs value proposition is based on an Open End Finance leasing model combined with unbundled service packages in a pay-as-you-go model. Based on big data concepts, we develop vehicle fleet solutions tailored to your business needs. Consequently you efficiently reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) through effective management of the entire value chain.

Pioneering spirit

ARI, part of the Holman Automotive Group, is a global vehicle fleet management organization that delivers customized solutions that help streamline a company's operations and improve their bottom line. Our more than 2,300 industry-leading professionals combine strategic insight, optimal lifecycle analysis, sustainable fleet practices, best-in-class service and high-powered technology to drive efficiencies up and costs down, uncovering as much value as your fleet can deliver. With offices in North America, the UK, and Europe, ARI seeks to collaborate with our clients and understand their unique business needs in order to transform their fleets into key assets that spark growth and support a company's success. ARI is a recognized leader in the industry, managing more than 1.5 million vehicles in North America, the UK and Europe, and together with our strategic partners more than two million vehicles worldwide.

Active in UK since 2011 and in Germany since 2013. The leasing and fleet management service provider, currently manages more than 100,000 vehicles in Germany and UK.

Target markets

We are targeting companies with complex fleets that consist of cars, LCV's,  special vehicles and trucks. Companies which always would have preferred the benefits of an outright purchase but were forced into a closed end leasing because of  missing financing alternatives in the market. These fleets understand that a vehicle is an essential tool for the running of their business so they need full control and empowerment on all cost sensitive decisions.

Products & Services

ARI FlexLease (Open-End Finance Lease):

An Open-End Finance Lease is based on the dominant model that has been successful in North America for decades. The minimum contractual duration is short and can be flexibel terminated earlier without any contractual penalties. All remarketing gains go to the client. Thus the lessee uses the fleet flexibly according to his individual requirements and achieves huge savings at the same time.

ARI Remarketing:

ARI is a specialist when it comes to remarketing vehicles. We use innovative strategies to automate remarketing processes and ensure they are extremely customer-friendly.

ARI Damage Management

The ARI Damage Management helps to limit the impact of accidents on your business. By determining the precise cause of the accident and then introducing countermeasures, we also ensure that such mistakes never happen again.

ARI Garage Network

ARI guarantees a nationwide tailor-made maintenance and servicing solution, with a view to optimizing productivity as well as reducing running costs.

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