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What is the Car Remarketing Association Europe?

CARA, the Car Remarketing Association Europe, was established as a non-profit organization to support the market for used cars. 

Our members each have a large footprint within the European market and are mainly active in sectors such as car manufacturing, fleet management, leasing, car auctions, car service providers and car data management. Of course, European dealers of used cars are also very welcome within our association. In addition, we have support partners who are very interested in our activities but who are not included in the foregoing support category.

We come forward as an independent source within the European Car Remarketing world. In other words, a common voice towards the market, partners and suppliers. We support the industry standards and harmonize processes, without interfering with the policies of companies.


6 Reasons To Join CARA

  • Get unique industry insight
    CARA is a forum for top remarketing execs to share their views and knowledge.
  • Help develop industry standards
    CARA creates and improves standards and shares best practices for the European used-car trade.
  • Learn about digitisation and new market trends
    CARA aims to understand and enhance new remarketing business opportunities.
  • Network with decision makers
    As a non-profit, CARA offers a unique forum to engage with the industry's top deciders.
  • Create synergies to benefit your business
    In the multi-faceted world of remarketing, CARA is the place to bundle and defend shared interests.
  • Give the industry the voice it needs and deserves
    CARA is committed to defend the industry's interests, in Brussels and elsewhere.


Objectives and Activities

We as an association have clear goals about the remarketing industry. Therefore we want to achieve more and deliver what we, our members and partners have all agreed upon. In the past we worked on the Fear Wear and Tear Guidelines, currently we are working on various topics, such as 'Data & Correct Mileage Reading', 'e-CMR', 'CARA Academy'. You may read all about the deliverables on our website


CARA Academy

In order to return the knowledge and skills of the association and of our members to the market, our association created the CARA Academy. With the establishment of the CARA Academy we want to support the education of the automotive sector on remarketing topics. The high-quality sessions are virtual training courses led by an instructor, delivered by senior remarketing experts.


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Your personal contacts
Main contact: 
Wolfgang E. Reinhold
CARA President
+49 172 24 23 000
David Chapple
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+44 1923 811226
+44 7774 473601
Roland Gagel
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+49 151 142 150 96
Ingo Schlosser
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+49 1520 18 36 169
Johan Verbois
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+ 32 473 980 534
Ed Spitzer
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+44 7768 341914
Dirk-Marco Adams
CARA Member of the Governing Body
+49 151 14863556