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DriveTech International, formerly known as VVCR, is the leader in Global Driver Safety Management. Through consultancy services, behavioural based interventions and accurate reporting we help our clients to improve driver safety, reduce their fleet costs and carbon footprint. Our global network of the world's best local training providers is the key to any effective global driver safety programme.

Over 90% of all accidents are caused by human failure, which is why DriveTech's programmes aim at changing driver behaviour. We have established a unique behavioural based coaching methodology that is consistent across the globe.

From the foundation in 1972 onwards, DriveTech's mission is to eliminate road death and serious injury whilst simultaneously improve the environment globally.


Assessing and Consulting:

We start with assessing your company and drivers, using our scientifically proven tools and knowledge to help you identify the potential risks, implement the right policies and create a safety culture.

Coaching and Training: 

Our tailored driver safety programmes use driver profiling to deliver targeted training interventions at the points of improvement of each individual driver, ensuring the coaching is aimed at changing their behaviour.

Monitoring and Improving: 

At DriveTech we know fleet management is data driven. Our online Portal provides a comprehensive view of your fleet, drivers and ongoing training requirements, to be able to continuously improve driver safety.

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