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With +20 year of experience in fleet management and with 380 employees and a coverage of more than 50 countries, Fleet Logistics Group services fleets from national and multinational customers all over the world.

There is no limitation in target industries but typically fleet clients are players in Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, Food & Drink, Consumer Goods, Machinery & Tools as well as Software & Hardware Industry.

As a neutral and trusted fleet management service provider, Fleet Logistics can offer:

- Consultancy

- Stand-Alone Reporting/Analytical Tools

- Operational Fleet Management

Fleet Logistics services can cover the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, and the availability of modular service packages allows the selection of the most appropriate solution for the clients company structure and fleet strategy.

To allow clients to keep an eye on the essentials, Fleet Logistics offers a full range of expertise, know-how and technical support. Through many years of fleet experience, modern IT tools and a strong customer focus, the client and Fleet Logistics will jointly work out an appropriate fleet program, covering the needs of the clients company and clients employees.

Today Fleet Logistics is creating value and transparency for more than 170 national and multination organizations with around 180,000 objects like passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trailers in leasing and purchase.



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Thorsten Bertram
Group Director International Customer Relations
+49 151 446 22 801
+49 89 638982 235
Michael Beck
Managing Director
+49 89 638982 432