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The Group's expertise is built on more than two centuries of industrial experience, fuelled by a passion for innovation and the everyday pursuit of excellence. Groupe PSA's know-how encompasses all areas of the automotive industry, from production to distribution and services.

Commercial relations built to last

The quality of the relations between Groupe PSA and its customers is at the core of the Group's commercial organisation. These relations involve a variety of communication channels and encompass all the facets of commercial relations.

  • Distribution

    Groupe PSA has a global network of 15,000 dealerships and/or authorized repairers, of whom 430 belong to the Group and make up the entity PSA Retail, Europe's second-biggest vehicle distributor with 508,000 new and used vehicles sold in 2017, in 11 countries.

  • Aftersales

    Aftersales is distributed to customers by the Group brand service points, as well as through the Euro Repar Car service network (more than 3,000 service points, 10,000 between now and 2021).
    B2B customers, authorized or independent repairers, are supplied with multibrand parts by the Distrigo label.

  • Free2Move

    Free2Move Lease, a multi-brand long-term rental with proactive services of contract management by amendments, which optimizes customer profitability so to reach customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. Free2Move Connect Fleet is a management solution allowing the customer to improve automobile fleet with decreased TCO of the fleet, reduced CO2 footprint, so that the field activities and productivities are optimized. Free2Move Fleet Sharing makes company car sharing vehicle pool shared by employees in a fluid reservation process. It facilitates management and use of company pool vehicles, reduces transport costs for employees without company cars, and it is in response to legal and environmental constraints.

  • Used vehicles

    PSA has launched a development strategy for its second-hand vehicle business, based on B2B sales (particularly sales to its distribution network that will carry out the marketing of vehicles via the Group's brand labels), and also direct B2C sales via its strategic partnership with Aramisauto.
    The target is to double sales to reach 800,000 in 2021, with 25% outside of Europe.

  • Environment

    Groupe PSA's leadership in CO2 emissions from the fleet sold in Europe, with an average emission of 104.7 g/km of CO2 certified in 2017, vs a market at 118.5 g/km. PSA is in 2% of companies across all industries that EcoVadis considers as having an "advanced CSR commitment", enabling the Group to hold on to its gold medal. Starting in 2019, every new model of PSA will systematically come in a hybrid or all-electric version. 100% of the PSA range will be electrified by 2025.


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Christian VANONI
VP - International B2B Sales
+33 6 60 08 50 52
Jérôme MONTI
Head of international key account
+33 6 65 05 20 62
Arnaud de VILLARET
Head of international leasers sales
+33 6 78 80 09 53
Jean-Christophe LUCCHI
Head of international B2B development, TCO & residual values
+33 6 58 45 52 76
Stéphane CHESNEL
Head of international rental sales
+33 7 62 68 04 03