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IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions) works with shared mobility operators from traditional vehicle rental firms and car clubs to leasing and service, maintenance and repair (SMR) providers. We deliver connected solutions which help optimise operational efficiency, reduce cost and improve customer experience. Bringing together a data source-agnostic telematics platform and a suite of products and support services, our solutions offer flexibility in the fast-evolving world of connected fleets. And through our work with governments and partnerships with vehicle OEMs, we are helping to shape the future of connected mobility.

In the world of leasing and SMR, IMS is experienced in helping these fleet-focused mobility companies leverage the power of telematics data to completely transform their businesses from reactive approaches to proactive and predictive operations. To date, the overwhelming majority of leasing and SMR companies continue to use manual information-gathering methods in their workflow, such as contacting vehicle owners to obtain mileage data, using imprecise estimates of mileage based on prior averages, or applying fixed schedules by date only. In these cases, guesswork unfortunately replaces real-time data in the fulfillment of contractual obligations for determining how many miles a vehicle has driven, whether a major service interval is approaching, or if a warranty service requirement is being overlooked.

Leasing organizations can take advantage of our experience using real-time vehicle-based and driver behavior data to enhance business decision-making, ensuring the correct resale value of vehicles at end of lease. Leasing companies can improve operations further by leveraging our telematics data in their SMR network, providing new revenue streams, and enhancing partnerships for the long-term.

For SMRs, upgrading their workflow to incorporate IMS' proven data-centric model addresses many service scheduling challenges, and puts the SMR in an ideal position to identify pending mechanical issues, initiate repair work before problems escalate and maximize the uptime of client fleet vehicles.

Upgrading leasing and SMR workflows to incorporate IMS' telematics data-centric solutions can address many current fleet customer challenges by providing live, real-time data that enables the leasing and SMR company to better support their corporate accounts - eliminating surprises for both firm and fleet customer, and decreasing the risk of future lost business due to disputes.

Key IMS telematics data-based products available to leasing and SMRs organizations include:

  • Mileage and vehicle health data, including remote diagnostic analysis
  • Accident detection, first notice of loss (FNOL) and connected claims handling
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Stolen vehicle recovery

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