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About Us

At LeasePlan, we are passionate about cars and about servicing our customers whether corporate, private or SME. This has created a large portfolio of customers on an international and country level that happily outsource their mobility needs to LeasePlan.

Supported by our commitment to continuous innovation and development, clients around the world benefit from the following services through our international network: purchasing and procurement, inancing, insurance, repair, maintenance and tyres, management and pick-up / delivery, cost-control systems, accident management, fleet outsourcing, fleet consulting, vehicle remarketing and selling.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

LeasePlan has committed to achieving net zero emissions from its fleet by 2030, supporting the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement. Key elements in our sustainability strategy include educating customers on what's next in low-emission vehicles; facilitating the uptake of low-emission vehicles with attractive customer propositions and leading the development of a sophisticated second-hand car market of well-maintained, high-quality lease vehicles. LeasePlan is also a founding partner of EV100, a new global business initiative designed to fast-track the uptake of eVs and infrastructure.


International Fleet Management

LeasePlan International specialises in managing global fleets. We pride ourselves in the ability to develop a comprehensive global fleet plan to ensure effective operation of our client's fleet. Coordinating teams across the globe, our systems, processes and people are geared to ensure consistent coordination, engagement and clear information exchange across all levels and all countries.

LeasePlan's harmonised range of fleet management products support clients in controlling fleet spend, optimising fleet management processes, improving driver safety and cutting back on emissions. We create collaborative programmes that translate our client's needs and budgetary requirements into fitting and tangible global and local solutions.

Fleet Consultancy Services

LeasePlan's Consultancy Services are a team of experts with years of experience in the financial & automotive sectors. They have a proven track record in delivering tangible value and improvements to customers through work in a variety of areas including fleet cost analysis and control, fleet management process analysis and improvement, industry and peer group benchmarking studies, green fleet management advice, OEM tendering support and car policy development.

International FleetReporting

International FleetReporting is LeasePlan's global reporting tool, providing a globally consolidated insight into all key aspects of international fleet management. The tool supports international fleet managers in implementing a balanced fleet management approach, managing fleet policy implementation and compliance, assessing the effectiveness of fleet policy changes and proactively communicating relevant fleet policy developments internally.

Please contact us for more information on our wide range of fleet services from car sharing schemes to telematics solutions to fleet insurance and more.

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