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Wim Buzzi and Alain Duez, together having a combined experience of over 45 years in all aspects of fleet management, put their heads together during the 2020 lockdown, resulting in the birth of "let it fleet".

As Elon Musk says 'One doesn't create companies for the sake of creating companies, but to get things done.' And that is exactly what happens at let it fleet

This comprehensive and deep automotive and fleet expertise is bundled together to support F&M professionals and partner up: always thinking outside of the classic box.

While let it fleet's pillars do sound like classic ones, one should not be mistaken: Wim and Alain take the concept of PeopleProcurement and Process to the next level. New times call for new ways and let it fleet strongly believes that every F&M manager and the departments working with them, like HR and Procurement, will benefit from their partnership by providing a new concept of tailored strategic and operational support.

Mobility and what mobility stands for, changes by the day and so does the role of F&M managers. let it fleet provides fresh support in your People pillar by assisting you in the recruitment process, by offering tailor made training & coaching programs and assistance for interim management solutions.

let it fleet'Procurement pillar stands for due diligence and stands out in the market by offering innovative data driven analytic tools and robust scenario rendering methodologies, which will lighten up heavy and complex procurement processes. Wim and Alain make it a priority to also focus on a modern signature service when it comes down to the Process fundamentals. State of the art policy documents; service level agreements and key performance indicators form the basis for a smooth supplier relationship management. Strategy design and transparent TCO driven analysis underpins what they do.

While some say pure fleet consulting is obsolete, let it fleet believes we are still far away from that, sound fleet management today remains, until further notice, the foundation for tomorrow's successful mobility management.

The message is clear: if you are a F&M professional seeking for Innovative support during these challenging times: Hand the project into these gentlemen's hands, be at ease and... let it fleet!

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Alain Duez
Founder & Managing Partner
Wim Buzzi
Founder & Managing Partner
Thibault Degrande
Product Lead & Partner
Timo Latruwe
Tech Lead & Partner