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Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Since then, Maserati has played a consistently important role in the history of sports car culture and its development. Over a century of activity has brought with it glorious achievements, both on the road and the track. 

However, Maserati's history involves more than its glorious sporting achievements and the launch of great road cars. The company has also developed industrially over the years.

Today the Modena factory, the Avv. Giovanni Agnelli Plant, in Grugliasco, and the Mirafiori Factory, are able to guarantee the highest technical and quality standards.

Before the launch of Quattroporte and Ghibli in 2013, we were covering only a 10% segment of the total luxury car market with our sports cars GranTurismo and GranCabrio and the Quattroporte V8 engine. With the recent launches, the adoption of the innovative V6 engine and the introduction of the first diesel engine in the history of Maserati we were covering half of the market. The Levante is the latest addition to the Maserati range. Combined with the Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo and GranCabrio, the range now covers the entirety of the global luxury automotive market.


Every Maserati is like a work of art constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide, in combination with high-tech production processes. A result of the harmony between the finest Italian craftsmanship and the most advanced technology, that guarantees a unique driving experience..

In 2013 Maserati presented the sixth generation Quattroporte, a luxurious flagship with new engines, a V8 and V6, coupled with an 8-speed automatic gearbox by ZF. Accompanying the powerful petrol models is the more rational but equally exclusive Quattroporte Diesel, with 275 horsepower V6 engine, which delivers unrivalled comfort on long journeys.

The Maserati Ghibli launched also in 2013 is the top of the range saloon which marks Maserati's entrance into the E segment of the market. The Ghibli is available with both a 3-litre Diesel V6 Turbo engine with 250 or 275 HP and with 3-litre V6 Twin Turbo petrol engines with 330 and 410 HP, the latter also available with four-wheel drive in the top-of-the-range S Q4 version.

In 2016, Maserati has launched the first SUV in its hundred-year history: the Levante. The Levante is the best-selling model in the fleet segments and it's fitted with a 3 litre V6 Twin-Turbo petrol engine with either 350hp or 430hp, and a 275hp or 250hp 3 litre V6 Turbo Diesel. All engines are combined with the "Q4" intelligent all-wheel drive system.

Our attractive product offering and competitive price positioning is truly able to respond to market demand, and combined with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The competitiveness of Maserati's cars is also clear in terms of residual value: it confirms the outstanding efficiency of our cars and underlines the value for money associated with the luxury always intrinsic to every Maserati.

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