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OCTO - Smart Analytics for a Better Connected World

Founded in 2002, OCTO provides smart solutions transforming its IoT Big Data set into actionable intelligence for a sustainable connected life.

OCTO is today one of the main players offering innovative technological solutions connecting the world of mobility through advanced analytics and IoT-driven services for the new era of Smart Telematics.

As a global IoT powerhouse, OCTO unleashes industrial innovation with market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their offerings and improve operational excellence through a portfolio of solutions that allow the development of new business models.

Today, OCTO is the world largest telematics and data analytics service provider for the auto insurance industry and provides other innovative connected user services including vehicle diagnostics, fleet management, road tolling and real-time monitoring of traffic and environmental conditions, making OCTO one of the main player in offering smart technological solutions connecting the world of mobility through advanced analytics and IoT-driven services for the new era of Smart Telematics.

Smart telematics and sensor device capabilities keep evolving, and OCTO is focused on innovating and maturing IoT in new directions. The company has engineering staff and dedicated Innovation Labs that focus on the "next best thing" in the device space to keep its offerings relevant and to improve business outcomes. 

The true value is in the data. Being able to leverage data is critical. Thanks to the analysis of behavioural, context and driving data, together with detecting crashes and analyzing accidents, OCTO transformed the auto insurances market and, today, the company has business relationships with over 100 partners.

OCTO offers its customers configurable services based on particular needs and complete turn-key solutions for partner companies. By leveraging machine learning and AI to analyze IoT data, OCTO provides advanced products and service for the Insuretech and innovative Mobility markets that change the way companies manage and grow their business.

OCTO has currently 6 million connected users, holds the largest global database of telematics data, with more than 267 billion miles of driving data collected and over 473,000 crashes and insurance events analyzed, and runs more than 10 car-sharing services and more than 400.000 hires per month.

OCTO's database, developed through its almost 18 years of activity, is enriched thanks to the data collected by connected users, who, while driving their vehicles, automatically provide data relating to the car, their driving behavior, localization, context, possible accidents, along with other complex data, which are stored and analyzed based on thousands of combinations of parameters.

OCTO four solutions portfolio covers the following sectors:
- Smart Mobility (Fleet Telematics, Vehicle Sharing and Renting);
- Insurance Telematics (Risk Management, Claim Management);
- Digital Journey (Vehicle Relationship Management, Driver Relationship Management);
- Smart Analytics (Analytics as a Service, Mobility Atlas).

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