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Polestar is an electric performance brand unlike any other. We innovate to drive progress and create a better future, a future that is sustainable, hassle free and strikingly beautiful.We share technology and engineering expertise with the Volvo Car Group, yet we go our own way as a guiding star.

Read CEO Thomas Ingenlath's call for transparency about electric cars and sustainability."it's time to come clean."  https://about.polestar.com/news/let-s-clear-the-air

Sales 10 markets
Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA

Spaces  21 open (50 planned)
USA-  Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco
Europe - Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Oslo, Rotterdam, Stockholm 
China - Beijing, Changsha, Chongqing, Nagjing, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taizhou, Xi'an

Polestar will be offering a number of convenient options for our customers to take ownership of their car, ranging from collection from a Polestar location through to delivery directly to the customer's chosen location. ( vary by market) .Typically this will be around 5 weeks before the car arrives in the market.

Polestar 1
Launched last year, Polestar 1 is a two-door Grand Tourer with an 'Electric Performance Hybrid' drivetrain, utilising two rear-mounted electric motors (ERAD), a Crank-Integrated Starter Generator (CISG) and a front-mounted 4-cylinder petrol combustion engine (ICE).   Circa 500 cars per annum available to order across 10 markets.

Polestar 1 is based on SPA ( Volvos Scalable Product Architecture) but approximately 50% is new and bespoke, created by Polestar's engineers. Just a few examples of this include the carbon fibre body that increases torsional stiffness by 45% as well as lowering the centre of gravity, thanks to a reduction in body weight. Double electric rear motors drive each rear wheel separately, each with a planetary gear set, which enables genuine torque vectoring. This supports the driver while cornering, maximising cornering speed and traction. Polestar 1 also features a state-of-the-art chassis including the Ohlins DFV (dual flow valve) dampers. And finally, Polestar 1 benefits from high-performance Akebono 6-piston brakes offering tremendous stopping power.

Polestar 2
The advanced electric fastback - launched this year, the Polestar 2 uses Volvo's CMA platform as a base platform, which is then adapted to deliver bespoke product features and its own unique avant-garde design throughout. First car with Google built-in - talk to it to get things done on the move, stay connected

Built at Luqiao manufacturing facility in China for all markets.

Europe - 470km combined range WLTP. Energy consumption 19.3kWh/100km.  (standard car)
China - 450km range NEDC. Energy consumption 17.5kWh/100km  (standard car)
US- expected late 2020

0-100 km/hr (0-62mph)  - 4.7 seconds (0-60mph US - 4.5 seconds)
Top speed 205 km/h (128mph)
300 kW ( 408hp/ 402bhp) and 660nM torque.  ( 2 motors 150kW and 330 nM each) AWD
27-module lithium-ion battery - 78kWh (71kWh China). Useable battery capacity 75kWh (68 kWh China)











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Main contact: 
Matthias Schabetsberger
Senior Manager Fleet & Business Europe
0049 1512 9707218
Dan Grant
Polestar Business Centre
0044 800 1385660
Molly Kelly
Polestar Business Centre
0044 800 1385660