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SAIC is China’s largest vehicle manufacturer with an annual production of more than 7 million vehicles. China is the world’s leading market for electric vehicles, that is accelerating rapidly. Congestion and air pollution in cities around the world is a growing concern. With more vehicles on the road every day, cities are becoming crowded and air quality inevitably suffers. Fully electric commercial vehicles will help to reduce average fleet emissions substantially, and for many businesses, running zero emissions vehicles is an important contributor to meeting their own corporate objectives of reducing their carbon footprint. It may have seem a distant scenario for many, battery electric commercial vans with zero tailpipe emissions are available from today.

We have developed a full-electric version of our Maxus Light Commercial Vehicle. The MAXUS EV80. It has a range of up to almost 200km, a cargo volume of > 10m3 with a payload of 950kg. With the DC it has a charging time of just two hours. The EV80 comes as both a panel van and a chassis cab, providing all the practicality and capability that the majority of operators require of an equivalent diesel van, but with zero tailpipe emissions. Electric Vans are best suited to urban usage, characterised by short-hop journeys, mixed traffic conditions and city speeds. Especially last mile delivery. It is precisely in these situations where diesel engines are least efficient and most polluting. As urban environments suffer the most rom air quality problems, many cities such as London, Paris, Munich and Amsterdam already announced restrictions on diesel vehicles, either through outright bans or extra daily charges in specific zones. The main beneficiaries of operating electric vans will therefore be couriers and parcel delivery companies, airports, utility companies and e.g. service and repair agents that operate in urban centres. 

Not only do electric vans offer a greener way to move loads, but they also make financial sense. Electric vans like the Maxus EV80 offer the prospect of lower running costs: electric charging is much cheaper than diesel, and servicing costs are also over 50% lower than conventionally-fuelled equivalents At the end of the day, driving an electric van should also be an interesting business case.

The question is, whether you want to wait for new (confronting) regulations creating limited access to the city, or decide to make your own choices and secure your basic processes with that at the same time.  The Maxus EV80 is available from summer 2017 onwards for major fleet owners in Europe. This is the first fully electric OEM van in its class on Europe’s roads. MAXUS is ready to take its responsibility in EV mobility in the LCV area of every European city.

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