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About us

Traxall International delivers highly effective outsourced fleet management services throughout Europe and Latin America.

Formed by combining the talents and expertise of leading local country market fleet management companies, today Traxall's operating businesses are at the top of their game and are also profitable in each market where they operate.  Rightly, Traxall is fiercely proud of its reputation for delivering uncompromising quality service to its clients and of the growing number of international organisations who turn to Traxall when they want a job doing well.

Traxall's ethos is about protecting your organisation's interests at all times, supporting you in achieving what is possible in line with your corporate objectives, including global control and cost reduction.  Combining that with the expertise and agility to best serve your local markets, whilst providing upstream data on European and Global levels, Traxall's teams work with you and your stakeholders collaberatively to maximise efficiencies while managing local issues, ensuring satisfaction at every level.

With strong technology and people, Traxall International's businesses make a huge difference to its clients.  Traxall remains focussed on service excellence, straight-talking and pragmatic advice, entrepreneurial spirit and organic growth at a controlled rate. 

If you are looking to deliver positive and transformational fleet management change in your organisation, Traxall is the organisation with the experience and knowledge to help you deliver your objectives, first time, every time.


Fleet Management Services

Tailor-made processes to enable you to implement savings opportunities

Our fleet management services operate on a modular basis, from tactical fleet manager support in specific areas, through to full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) of all fleet management activities., including supply chain management.

Traxall is a leading proponent of a 'managed multi-supplier' model - the only system guaranteed to deliver continuous lease cost savings, dynamically tracking the market on an on-going basis.  This competitive trading environment, coupled with relevant feedback to the managed supply chain, delivers outstanding cost efficiency and can generate substantial savings for client organisations.  At the same time, service is delivered seemlessly through highly trained and personable teams, ensuring that your people are looked after properly at all times.

Traxall's managed multi-supplier system delivers a real transparency and value for its clients.  In addition, our invoice validation and in-life management teams ensure on-going optimisation, supported by strategic and operational account management.

Fleet Consultancy Services

Helping you understand what is possible in each of your markets

Traxall's businesses are first or second in each of their operating markets for good reason - they're great at what they do.

Each Traxall business fully understands the market in which they operate and fully understand the arena of fleet, the players, manufacturers, obstacles and leverage capabilities in the same markets.  The experience and depth of expertise in Traxall's consultants and managers, means that this same knowledge can be built up to deliver powerful local, regional and global arguments.

In terms of guiding princples, Traxall is interested only in the right answer for your business, so our consulting assignments are delivered with absolute integrity and in a 'no nonsense', straight-talking style.  Our role varies from helping and supporting, to leading projects, while all the time focusing on ensuring that you have the right data and advice to validate, fine tune and deliver your strategic plans to your organisation.

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