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Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is a part of Volkswagen Financial Services AG which offers innovative fleet management solutions for national and international fleets. 

A steady increase in international requests for vehicle proposals has been observed for several years now. Multinational companies are striving to harmonise their global fleets by restricting themselves to a few vehicle manufacturers as partners. This enables them to reduce both the complexity and the cost of their fleet business.

The core business of Volkswagen Financial Services also includes support for internationally operating fleet managers - from tender and implementation management to international fleet reporting. This comprehensive range of products and services is able to satisfy all the fleet requirements of the Volkswagen Group's major customers, however extreme or wide-ranging - even in the brand-independent leasing business.

The international fleet experts at Volkswagen Financial Services are ready to help you in a total of 37 countries when it comes to finding a transnational fleet management concept for your company. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our knowledge of the different circumstances and conditions that prevail in the individual countries.

On the basis of your requirements, our International Fleet experts liaise with the local companies involved and present you with an individual mobility solution for your fleet. We welcome the chance to support you with our diverse and internationally harmonised services - on-site, regionally and across country borders.

Your administrative costs are significantly reduced by our management of the international tenders and bids from a central point and by our coordination of all processes and information. Our international key account managers are your central points of contact and will look after you and all matters relating to the services for your fleet.

We take over the central implementation of the fleet management services in your vehicle fleet and ensure that everything runs smoothly through our local points of contact. Throughout the entire implementation phase, our staff offer individual care and support on-the-spot - without language barriers getting in the way.

Our strengths at a glance:

  • International fleet competence in 37 countries
  • International tender management
  • International fleet reporting
  • Harmonised products and processes
  • International key account and implementation managers
  • Crossbrand leasing
  • International fleet management services







* Under the joint trade name "Volkswagen Financial Services" the subsidiaries of Volkswagen Financial Services AG provide banking services (offered by Volkswagen Bank GmbH), leasing services (offered by Volkswagen Leasing GmbH), insurance services (offered by VolkswagenVersicherung AG, Volkswagen Autoversicherung AG) and mobility services (offered by Volkswagen Leasing GmbH and others). Additionally, insurance products of other insurance providers will be mediated.
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