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At Volvo Cars, everything we do starts with people. We understand people. We protect what's important to them and want to make them feel special. We embrace our role in society and recognise our commitment towards the environment. We innovate to make people's lives better and less complicated. This human-centric focus is what makes us different from all other car companies. 

Our vision: To be the world's most progressive and desired premium car brand.

Our mission: To make life less complicated for people, while strengthening our commitment to safety, quality and the environment.

The future: Just as understanding where we've come from is crucial to understanding what we do next, it's important to look at the industry predictions too. From urbanisation, to economic impacts, to segment trends, to autonomous driving and electrification with time being a common issue for all. Volvo Cars include all of these on their agenda for the future.

Our electrification strategy: From 2019, all newly launched Volvo models will contain either a hybrid or fully electric motor - ideal to help lower your CO2 emissions and improve your corporate social responsibility. One of the most comprehensive and ambitious electrification strategies in the automotive industry, our Vision 2025 places sustainability at the core of Volvo Cars' future business - with a portfolio of electrified cars to be introduced across our model range.

These might be mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids - such as the one in our XC90 T8 Twin Engine - or fully electric powertrains. Regardless of which, the intent is clear: to show our commitment to a future where transport is cleaner and more sustainable than ever before.

Our Electrification timeline:

2019: all newly launched cars will be electrified or fully electric

2020: 10% of global sales electrified

2021: 5 fully electric cars produced - 3 Volvo, 2 Polestar

2025: 50% of sales to be fully electric




  • XC90 - SUV Segment from 136g/km CO2
  • XC60 - SUV S Segment from 136g/km CO2
  • New XC40 - SUV C Segment from 131g/km CO2


  • V90 - DE Segment from 116g/km CO2
  • New V60 - CD Segment - CO2 to be released shortly 
  • V40 - C Segment from 89g/km CO2


  • V90 CROSS COUNTRY -  DE Segment from 134g/km CO2  
  • S60 CROSS COUNTRY - CD Segment from 110g/km CO2
  • V40 CROSS COUNTRY - C Segment from 99g/km CO2


  • S90 - DE Segment from 114g/km CO2
  • New S60 - CD Segment - CO2 to be released shortly 


  • XC90 T8 Twin Engine - DE Segment 46 g/km
  • XC60 T8 Twin Engine - SUV Segment from 49g/km CO2
  • V90 T8 Twin Engine - DE Segment 46 g/km
  • New V60 T6 & T8 Twin Engine - CD Segment CO2 to be released shortly 
  • S90 T8 Twin Engine - DE Segment 46 g/km


We make buying and owning Volvo cars simple, easy and enjoyable for the business as well as the driver. Our service offering includes a dedicated account manager, whatever the size of your business; business-friendly finance packages; informative and insightful fleet information resources.

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John Wallace
Director EMEA Fleet Operations & Global Major Accounts
0044 7710 634839
Magnus Grund
Global Major Accounts Manager
0046 31 3251954