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With WeProov, keep indisputable proof of your fleet's condition thanks to your fleet users. Get to know our 360deg smart condition report : accurate, fast, intuitive and visual. The tool for those who believe what they see.

WeProov dematerializes your vehicle's condition informations and simplify your inspection at every step (Delivery, restitution, transport, quality audits, repair costs audits, car sharing and renting among your team,...). You and your team have your fleet's condition proof at all times.


WeProov is a free application, available on both iOS and Android, on every kind of device. Of course, it can be use by private individuals and professionals.

For Businesses, monthly plan are available to match the pro's needs accurately. And WeProov can even adapt to a company's needs by adopting its visual identity and trademark features. The goal is to be flexible and serve any kind of fleet, large or small, because every business may need transparency, safety and awareness of its fleet's condition.

WeProov empowers also fleet users focusing on their statement when they took the responsability of the car. By using WeProov drivers pay much more attention to the car condition. (Our first fleet customer reduce by 30% small damages by having employees creating condition report when they took a car from the fleet.)


By using WeProov, you get a visual report of any vehicle that's on your fleet. You have the complete awareness of your fleet's condition. Plus, you are able to tell accurately what has been the activity of a specific vehicle and which of your collaborator was in charge. It gives your co-workers responsibilities and a transparent mindset that will drive better relationships. The app is built around the idea that everything can be seen so that you can protect your fleet and check its overall (or precise) condition at all times by keeping a proof of every vehicle's condition.

You can also make expertise from anywhere and estimate damages easily thanks to our technology. The repair process is simplified since the proof of the damage is accurate. WeProov allows you to save money since you don't need the knowledge from a costly expert. With WeProov, you are the expert thanks to a guided visual process, completely safe ! And there will be no bad surprises since you have the ability to be aware of any damage on your vehicle in seconds.

It is also a great way for you to collect data from your fleet easily and quickly. Data that you will be able to find on the WeProov Dashboard, a desktop tool that drastically improve your management skills and gives you a lot more options. You can check on the reports that are being made or that have been done and follow your co-workers' activity and your fleet's condition. The visual reports can be done on site, at distance thanks to the ProovCode feature, alone or in several. WeProov has a solution for every kind of situation.

Plus, WeProov sets a new level of innovation that will shift the paradigm of condition reports. And that's done through a smart and intuitive process. The next steps are to improve the algorithm that will allow us to detect any damage on your vehicle. Picture this, in no time, WeProov will be able to literally do the work for you.

Find more informations : contact@weproov.com or test our app now on iOS or Android with this link : weproov.com/app


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