6 Feb 19

Colombia car sales up 7.9%, led by Sandero

A total of 256,662 cars were sold in Colombia in 2018, representing a 7.9% increase year-over-year.
Leading sales was Chevrolet with 49,874 new car registrations for the year (down 2.6% from 2017), according to local car manufacturers association ANDI.
Just 179 units behind was Renault with 49,695 units sold (up 6.2% year-over-year), followed by Nissan with 23,137 (up 9.9%), Mazda with 21,511 (up 15.1%), and Kia with 20,990 (up 6.1%).
Brands seeing the best uptick for the year were Toyota and Volkswagen which sold 14,174 units (up 47.8%) and 13,382 units (up 44.5%) respectively. Toyota was ranked seventh and Volkswagen came in at eighth, according to ANDI.
Renault Sandero (pictured) was the best-selling car model for the year with 21,308 units leaving the showroom (up 5.6% y-o-y). It was followed by Chevrolet Spark (14,049 units) down 15.1%, Renault Logan (12,060) up 5.2%, Kia Picanto (11,249) up 11.9%, and Renault Duster (10,371) up 18.7%.

Photo: Renault Sandero (source: Renault)
Authored by: Daniel Bland