13 Feb 19

Venezuela auto dealers await comeback

Although battered severely by its economic crisis, a significant part of Venezuela's automobile dealership infrastructure is still intact and waiting for changes that will put much of the country's business back on track.
According to Gabriel Briceño who is the president of Nueve Esparta state automobile distributors association Adane, the country is awaiting a "legal platform" which will assure investments, restart automobile production, and help citizens regain their purchasing power, local paper El Universal reported.
Before the crisis, the state's automobile distribution industry had 13 concessionaires boasting some 1,800 direct and indirect jobs.
Over the last five years, new vehicle sales in Venezuela has plummeted by some 98%. The country's used car market, however, has stayed afloat in some regions. It has actually helped with employment due to the demand for automobile mechanics.
Authored by: Daniel Bland