31 Jan 19

Brazil government awaits US$1.6mn Ford fleet

To serve the team of Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaor this year, the presidency will be receiving a total of 30 new Ford Fusion Titanium AWD black sedans for a total cost of 5.8mn reais (US$1.55mn).

While all 30 will be equipped with 2.0 Ecoboost engines putting out 248hp each, a total of 12 will be armored with the capacity to withstand 9mm submachine gun shots.
The armored models were acquired for 239,045 reais apiece, and the non-armored models, 164,287 reais apiece. Ford won the contract through a tender process last year launched by Brazil's office of institutional security, GSI.

Photo: President Bolsonaro on route to hospital on January 27, 2019 (source: Reuters)
Authored by: Daniel Bland