21 Oct 22

Every Hyundai-Kia to be connected by 2025

Complete Hyundai line-up to be connected by 2025

Every model from the Hyundai Motor Group, comprising Hyundai, Genesis and Kia, will be software-defined and susceptible to over-the-air updates by 2025. To prepare the entire line-up for this ‘Software Age” the car group is investing 1.3 billion euros in the program.

Hyundai-Kia is the first carmaker plotting a detailed roadmap for its connected line-up. Their software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are characterized by features and components that can be upgraded and code that can be rewritten through over-the-air updates. That switch has already started with the launch of its electric range, and the company says it will have 20 million cloud-connected vehicles globally by the pivotal point in 2025. 

To support the full shift to SDVs the company is developing two platforms (eM and eS) for electric vehicles and a new propriety developed Connected Car Operating System, called ccOS. 


The architectures will be capable of 50% more range compared to the current BEVs from the brands, and the eS version eyes Purpose-Built Vehicles (PBV) specifically developed for a delivery business, ride-hailing, robotaxis, and the like. In Seoul, Kia will build a factory for PBVs, with the start of production scheduled for the second half of 2025.

The purpose of the SDV range is to give customers more flexibility in their choice of particular options, which they can try out first and quit on later, or which can be activated after the vehicle purchase has been completed. 

Since the connected tech supports features on demand, these subscriptions will create new revenue streams for the car maker. But for fleets, it is set to enhance the personalization and longevity of cars, influencing remarketing value.

NVIDIA semiconductors

The switch to ccOS will also be necessary for retrograde activation of different levels of semi-autonomous driving. Together with the constraints of massive data collection, this demands much faster processing power. Therefore, Hyundai Group announced a collaboration with tech company NVIDIA from which it will purchase its high-performance DRIVE-semiconductor.

Customers have reacted ambiguously to these subscription-based models, but Hyundai says it will research their willingness an adapt pricing accordingly. 

Image Source: Hyundai

Authored by: Piet Andries