22 Nov 21

New parking management app for fleets

A new parking payment app aims to resolve the hassle and administrative burden faced by fleet managers when dealing with hundreds of parking payments. PayByPhone Business is a dedicated product for fleets in the US, France and the UK, and promises to give fleet managers immediate visibility of parking costs while simplifying parking payments for company car and van drivers.

The app brings fleet parking expenses under centralised control via an interactive dashboard and a single invoice.

Fleets can add (and erase) as many drivers and vehicles as they want to the app. Payment is made via a single credit card linked to the account, for ease of administration and invoicing.

Drivers can use the app to pay for parking and to extend parking sessions remotely (the app sends an alert when parking time is due to expire).

PayByPhone is owned by Volkswagen Financial Services AG and has over 35 million users in eight countries. The app is accepted in car parks in over 300 cities.

Andy Gruber, President and CEO of PayByPhone Technologies, said: “PayByPhone Business is a world-class solution that will help to further shape the mobility landscape by allowing fleet management companies to become even smarter and more efficient with their time.”


Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Jonathan Manning