12 Dec 19

Finally, BMW adds Android Auto to its infotainment

Starting mid-2020, BMW will offer Android Auto as a feature for all of its cars. That means you no longer need to own an iPhone to be able to project your phone's screen onto the central display of your Beemer. 

That is excellent news for Android users, who soon will also be able to use their phone's navigation, music, media and messaging apps directly on the touch screen of their car - or by voice command. BMW adds a cherry to the cake: cars equipped with the brand's Operating System 7.0 don't even need a USB cable to connect with an Android phone: it's all wireless.

Icing on the cherry on the cake: the smartphone integration also works with BMW’s fully digital cockpit, as well as its head-up display. Information coming from your phone will not just appear on the central screen, but also  - in an "intelligently adapted form" - in the instrument panel and the head-up display (on models that have such a HUD).

There is one 'but': the Android Auto feature will not be available worldwide - at least not in the beginning. BMW says it will roll out the tech in 20 countries from July 2020 and expand the coverage step by step.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier