4 Jan 22

HERE powers Scania’s connected navigation solution

Truck manufacturer Scania has chosen HERE to power its next-generation infotainment platform. Scania’s connected navigation solution, powered by HERE, will be available for Scania trucks globally, including China, Japan, and South Korea. 

To build its platform, Scania is using various inputs from HERE, one of the world's leading location data and technology platforms. First off, there’s HERE SDK (Software Development Kit).

  • Of particular use are HERE SDK’s mapping, routing, and search functions that incorporate truck-specific road info, vehicle regulations and points of interest. 
  • Scania will also build a companion app for drivers using HERE SDK, offering users a consistent experience both inside and out of the vehicle. 

Secondly, HERE location services and dynamic map data for commercial navigation.

  • The electrification of Scania trucks will be aided by access to HERE location services including HERE EV Routing and optimization services.
  • Scania will use HERE speed limit data to implement an Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) solution, as required by EU law. The HERE ISA Map contains explicit speed limits visible on road signs as well as implicit speed limits derived from road signs without numerical values.

And finally, there are HERE’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) use cases. 

  • HERE data and services are used to enhance various ADAS functions, such as fuel optimization through predictive powertrain management, which supports Scania’s shift towards more sustainable transport systems. 

“We chose HERE because of the quality of its location data and services, and the ease of integration into our embedded and cloud-based systems”, says Peter Vincent, Head of Connected Systems at Scania. “Integrating connected maps into the vehicle lowers fuel consumption and enables new functions for battery-electric and autonomous vehicles.”

“Together with Scania, we are making truck driving more efficient and contributing to a major shift towards sustainable transportation,” added Gino Ferru, Senior Vice President, General Manager of EMEAR at HERE Technologies.

Image: Scania

Authored by: Frank Jacobs