14 Apr 20

Toyota teams up with NTT Data to multiply vehicle big data

Toyota is one of the OEMs that wants to accelerate MaaS initiatives, which is why all its recent cars are connected and why back in 2016 it announced the development of a Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) to collaborate with various service providers, as well as telematics insurance.

As a next step in this initiative, the Japanese OEM has closed a strategic partnership with NTT Data, combining the strengths of both companies in their core mobility services business area. This will allow them to develop a more robust MSPF and strengthen their business by utilizing their growing library of vehicle big data.

In the mid-term, both companies will work to maximize their cooperation and synergy, utilizing the customer contact points of Toyota Connected and the wide-ranging customer base of NTT Data, which includes industries such as distribution, retail, and finance, in order to enhance the service capabilities of the MSPF, says NTT Data.

Picture copyright: Toyota, 2020

Authored by: Dieter Quartier