19 Jun 19

VW Group develops own automotive OS for all models

Rather than working together with Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows Embedded Automotive) or QNX Software, VW has decided to invest in its own operating system for its vehicles. By 2025, all  VW group models will run on the same software platform.

VW Group says it plans to develop significantly more software in the car and for vehicle-related services itself and to boost the in-house share of software development.


VW is pooling 5,000 digital experts in a single unit called Car.Software to develop ‘vw.os’, a uniform operating system that will considerably reduce complexity as the software will feature uniform basic functions for all group brands.

The first vehicle to run on vw.os will be the ID3 all-electric compact hatchback, which will be revealed in Frankfurt later this year and hit the market in about a year from now.

Currently, up to 70 control units with operating software from 200 different suppliers need to be integrated in Volkswagen brand vehicles. In addition, there are different systems with similar functions within the Group, for example for infotainment and navigation.

One uniform operating system with the same basic functions for all brands and the use of the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud for all Group models will considerably simplify the situation.

With the connected car becoming reality, the automotive operating systems market is expected to evolve considerably over the next years.



Authored by: Dieter Quartier