20 Dec 17

GM seeks to lead electric vehicle evolution

Chevrolet Bolt

The automotive industry will change more in the next five years that it has done in the last 50, and electrification is a major part of this evolution, GM executive Marcelo Tezoto told Global Fleet in an interview.

General Motors wants to be the leader in this technology so much so that it launched the first affordable electric vehicle (EV) with significant autonomy, being the Bolt (pictured) which won the car of the year award in the United States earlier this year, according to Tezoto who is head of direct sales in South America.

“With GMs plan to launch 20 new EVs by 2023, the company intends to continue investing in its plan to lead the segment.  And of course, my team continue to be attentive to the ongoing demands of consumers in South America,” said Tezoto.

photo source: GM

Authored by: Daniel Bland