19 Oct 17

GM's carsharing service Maven moves beyond North America

GM's carsharing programme Maven is aimed mainly at young urban individuals – but the service (as yet limited to North America) could be useful to corporates as well, in order to reduce their fleets and/or to give their drivers a wider range of mobility options. 

Launched in January 2016, Maven is now operating in a dozen U.S. cities (including LA, New York and Washington DC) and a few Canadian ones. 

Maven uses vehicles across the GM model and brand spectrum, i.e. SUVs, sedans and pickups from Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick. They all come equipped with high specifications of connectivity. Users simply download an app to reserve, access and pay (on an hourly or daily basis). There is no fee for membership, fuel or insurance. 

The service targets not just urban residents, but also mobile professionals. At present, Maven is available in three versions:
→ Maven City, allowing individual users to find, reserve and access vehicles in their city via the app. 
→ Maven Home, designed specifically for residents of communities to access a dedicated fleet of vehicles at their location. 
→ Maven Gig, aimed at ridehailing, ridesharing and delivery drivers. This service was designed to offer a variety of vehicles to people driving for a living, via partnerships with Uber, GrubHub, HopSkipDrive and others.

Maven has proved very successful, with more than 82,000 reservations made and more than 193 million miles driven since its inception.  The service is especially popular with millennials, with 80% of Maven users 34 or younger. Maven, until recently restricted to North America, will soon also be available throughout other markets globally. As a first step, Maven Gig was trialled in July and officially introduced in September in Sydney, Australia. 

Image: Maven

Authored by: Frank Jacobs