16 Aug 17

Mobileye tests 100 cars with Level-4 autonomy

Mobileye is building a fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles to be tested in the U.S., Europe and Israel. The Israel-based company, recently acquired by Intel, announced that the vehicles will have Level-4 autonomy, meaning that driver interaction will only be required to prevent an accident.  The first vehicles should begin testing later this year. 

"Geographic diversity is very important, as different regions have very diverse driving styles as well as different road conditions and signage”, said Amnon Shashua (pictured), who in the new constellation will become both CEO/CTO of Mobileye as well as VP at Intel. “Our goal is to develop autonomous vehicle technology that can be deployed anywhere, which means we need to test and train the vehicles in varying locations".

Mobileye's fleet will include various brands and models. Rather than build its proprietary vehicles, the company prefers to convert existing models to incorporate its technology, proving its 'agnostic' nature.


Image: Mobileye

Authored by: Frank Jacobs