16 May 19

Why Data Intelligence leads to smarter fleet management

Mark Haidar, CEO from Vinli (right on picture) and ALD’s Global Strategic Projects CIO Derek Baker shared insights in the collaboration between both companies. Repeating today’s trends (ownership to usership, electric and autonomous), both speakers agreed that there’s no killer application that unlocks everything for the fleet client, but that the collective experience creates a “killer experience”. Question is, for a company such as ALD, what to do with these data?

ALD’s mission is to build a global platform that is hyper-localised. This means that Vinli collects data from all sorts of sources: ALD’s back office, telematics, OEMs, smart cities,… that is stacked on the Vinli platforms. The leasing vendor’s vision is to share with their clients and drivers especially what is of local relevance. An example might be measuring driver behaviour: if analysed against unfiltered data, every Parisian driver is a bad driver; it becomes much more interesting when those data can be measured against Paris-specific behaviour.

ALD has may have found the magic solution to match data collection and personal privacy: they allow the user to click on/off, at any time, any data shared with the platform and/or other applications.

Eventually, the value of data for a leasing company and their clients is double:

  • manage risks: Understanding driver risk, changes in residual value, and conditions of the car will be critical in managing vehicles, pricing, and architecting services
  • predict needs: Anticipating customer needs by understanding patterns of behaviour helps business anticipate what the customer will want and act on it now. Examples: driving needs, last mile, maintenance, and other services
Authored by: Yves Helven