8 Dec 17

Global Fleet accomplishes LatAm expert meeting

Global Fleet, the executive network, has accomplished its first expert meeting for international fleet managers responsible for operations in Latin America, a five-session meeting of minds which took place on Thursday (Dec 7) at the Palacio Hotel in Estoril, Portugal.

The conference and networking event, which discussed fleet business and mobility initiatives to an audience of some 40 participants, took place just one day after the leading international fleet event organized by sister-company Fleet Europe, being the Fleet Europe Forum, Village and Awards.

The expert meeting was opened by Pascal Serres, chairman of Global Fleet’s Latin America advisory board, a group of key executives (currently totaling 12) put together to discuss challenges and joint strategies in fleet management and related issues in the region. 

Pascal Serres (CREDIT: Global Fleet)

Serres was joined by Caroline Thonnon, CEO of Nexus Communication (publisher of Global Fleet), and myself Daniel Bland, correspondent for Global Fleet in Latin America.

Among the speakers and panel discussion participants at the event were five of the 12 advisory board members, two being Kent Bjertrup (LatAm director for ALD) and Mirella Juarez (CEO of Arrend in Central America). 

“We are focused on moving from country management to regional management. Another thing we are set on doing is bringing Europe’s green mobility mentality into Latin America,” Bjertrup said during a panel discussion on the internationalization of fleet management in the region.

Despite most of the countries speaking Spanish, panelist also confirmed that there are certainly differences among the countries. For instance, “when it comes to leasing in Central America, one of the complicated issues one must understand is the tax scenario in each of these countries," said Juarez.

Kent Bjertrup, Mirella Juarez (CREDIT: Global Fleet)

The three other advisory board members making it to Estoril were Alberto Velez (CEO of Autocorp in Argentina), Arturo Simone (CEO of RDA Renting in Argentina), and David Madrigal (President of Element Mexico).

Thonnon wrapped up the meeting pointing out Gobal Fleet plans in 2018. Besides growing the advisory board to ensure that it represents all key parties of the Latin-American fleet eco-system, plans next year include accomplishing training courses, organizaing conferences, and disseminating information by way of quarterly publications, newsletters, and website updates. 

Stay tuned for more information in 1Q18, regarding the LatAm session to be featured at the Global Fleet conference in Rome from May 28-30.

Authored by: Daniel Bland