3 Jan 19

ALD kicks off E-Bike sharing service in Brazil

International vehicle leasing and fleet management company ALD Automotive has started offering E-Bike Sharing to its clients in Brazil, the company said in a release.

The service involves offering 40km-range electric bicycles as an alternative to corporate fleet vehicles when needed. It is part of the company’s strategy to offset carbon emissions, of which it has already accomplished the planting of more than 270,000 tree saplings in the country.

“By launching E-Bike sharing, we uphold our commitment to environmental awareness and bring mobility and sustainability to the corporate environment,” says Brazil CEO Pedro Reis.

ALD Automotive expects to have 100 electric bikes in use in the country this year, according to the release.

Meanwhile, the company also has two new mobility products in the pilot phase which should be available by June. They involve integrating various modes of transport. More details to be disclosed later.

Authored by: Daniel Bland