20 Sep 17

Alphabet Belgium launches B2E lease service

Car leasing and business mobility specialist Alphabet has launched a dedicated B2E lease offer in Belgium. The new B2E product is aimed at all employees of companies that are Alphabet customers who wish to enjoy all the benefits of a car under an operational leasing plan. Unlike existing cafeteria plans, no part of the salary is used or withheld since the arrangement consists of a direct contract between Alphabet and the private individual.

Cars as a Service
“The new offer is in line with a number of strategic company objectives,” says Erik Swerts, CEO of Alphabet Belgium. “In this way, Alphabet aims to continue to grow by addressing a new client base. We are achieving this, for example, by rolling out innovative concepts that capitalise on with new mobility trends in society. For instance, with B2E we are looking at cars as a service rather than as something that is owned.

The benefits to employees are obvious: the luxury of a new car without the worries and at a very competitive, all-inclusive price. The complete service package covering repairs, maintenance, tyres, insurance, legal assistance and even a replacement car is included in the offer. At the end of the contract the user does not have to finance the residual value and a follow-up contract can be easily concluded. Given the fact that this mostly involves the replacement of older cars, B2E means that these are traded in for newer and more fuel-efficient models.

In turn, for companies B2E represents a new opportunity to profile themselves as an attractive employer on the labour market. Finally, the entire process is handled by Alphabet directly with the employee, meaning employers do not at any time have to manage and follow-up these files.

Copyright: Alphabet, 2017

Authored by: Steven Schoefs