2 Feb 24

Global Fleet Managers Club welcomes Board 2024

No better way to learn, than from your peers. Why? Learning from peers cultivates an environment of open communication, and facilitates the exchange of ideas and perspectives among colleagues. No better way to benchmark, than with your peers. Why? By juxtaposing your business against that of colleagues and assessing success through data and evidence, benchmarking enables the identification of improvement areas based on best practices.

The Global Fleet Managers Club provides the ideal framework to refine strategies and achieve sustainable growth.

The Global Fleet Managers Club is the networking platform for both global and regional fleet managers, facilitating the exchange of expertise and best practices. The Club provides a 100% neutral and non-commercial environment, exclusively catering to corporate fleet customers, excluding suppliers. It hosts a series of annual virtual and in-person meetings.

Established by Global Fleet, in 2018, the club approaches 200 members, global and international fleet managers, collectively managing over 2 million vehicles worldwide.

This membership growth underscores the Club's significance and the value it offers to its members. Looking ahead, we are committed to furthering our global fleet management journey alongside the Global Fleet Managers Club in 2024.

Here is the 2024 planning – Mark your calendar:

  • Thursday 8 February at 4pm CET - Virtual
  • Thursday 11 April at 4pm CET – Virtual
  • Monday 13 May – Global Fleet Managers Club Lunch - In Real Live, to kick off the 2024 Global Fleet Summit in Cascais, Portugal
  • Thursday 5 September at 4pm CET - Virtual
  • Wednesday 23 October – In Real Live, at the 2024 Fleet Europe Days in Milan, Italy
  • December 2024 – 2024 Global Fleet Survey – Your benchmark for global fleet management

Launch of Global Fleet Managers Club Board

A Board has been established to support organizer Global Fleet in identifying key trends, setting up the agenda, and facilitating communication among its members.

It’s a pleasure to announce the Global Fleet Managers Club Board 2024:

  • Marcella Berta Mauri, Global Fleet Strategist, HP Inc. and 2023 Global Fleet Manager of the Year
  • Yuliya Lapenkova, Global Cost Category Spend Manager HR Services, Philips, and 2021 European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year
  • Emin Guluyev, Global Category Manager Fleet, Vodafone, and 2023 European Green Fleet Manager of the Year

If you haven't already joined the Global Fleet Managers Club and you're an international fleet customer, now is the perfect opportunity to become a member.

The membership is entirely free—all you need to do is complete the official registration form.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs