16 Jan 18

Manuel Messias, Fleet Solutions Brasil: VW's car rental arm

To capitalize on the growing car rental market, the Volkswagen group kicked off Fleet Solutions Brasil (FSB) last year in Brazil. Join Global Fleet in our brief talk with CEO Manuel Messias as we discuss the company’s challenges, goals, and more.  

First of all, could you tell our readers a little about Fleet Solutions Brasil?

With a focus on long term renting, FSB is the vehicle rental arm of the Volkswagen group in Brazil, working hand-in-hand with VW financial services.  We are headquartered in Paraná state capital Curitiba and have a sales office in the city of São Paulo.

Through our network of VW dealerships and consultants, we are able to serve clients throughout all of Brazil.

 What are some of the challenges of FSB operations?

As FSB was just implemented into the VW group last July, one challenge is introducing the company to the market and building an initial portfolio of new clients under the VW brand. Another challenge, although welcoming, is assuring a high level of service in order to differentiate us from our competitors.   

Although these challenges are quite typical for a new company, the current scenario in Brazil also makes the market extremely competitive. There have been a number of mergers, acquisitions, and other activities taking place among the large car rental and fleet management companies over the past year.

What legislative changes in Brazil would make your job as a fleet solutions provider easier?

Brazil is a large country and with an extremely complex tax system where we need to deal with several different taxes from municipal, state, and federal levels. So, what we need is tax reform which simplifies and standardizes our tax system.

How will the federal government's automotive industry policy “Rota 2030” affect your business?

Although this issue is still under discussion by governments and companies, what is expected is that companies will be able to produce and market cars that are more sustainable and of better quality. This, in turn, will significantly improve the products and services of FSB.

Brazil is still recovering from its recession. What types of special programs does Fleet Solutions Brazil have to help companies acquire their next automobile fleet?

We help companies by carrying out a complete study of their fleet and mobility needs, always offering them the best mobility solution coupled with the most adequate financial terms.

Most of our clients have migrated from having their own fleet to renting then, following our consultancy process.

What is FSB’s goal for 2018 and how does the company intend to achieve it?

Our main goal this year is to build a portfolio of satisfied customers with our products and services and, in turn, increase sales of Volkswagen cars.

One of our pillars of growth is the indirect sales channel we implement through our network of dealers. We already have the process running in São Paulo and, in 2018, we will be expanding into the South and Southeast regions of Brazil.

Recreio Campos VW dealership in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro (CREDIT: Recreio)


Authored by: Daniel Bland