25 Mar 16

CHP finalises whitepaper on lease accounting reform

CHP Consulting has published the final version of its authoritative whitepaper on changes to the international lease accounting standards.
The fully revised document, is titled Lease Accounting Reform: The Systems Impact for Asset Finance Lessors. It reflects the final standards published by the IASB and FASB, published earlier this year.
The whitepaper provides an overview of lease accounting standards in use today, summarises the new standards for both lessors and lessees, and reviews the other new standards that may impact lessors' accounting and lease admin systems. 
“Lessees with operating leases will be most affected by the new leasing standards. Lessors will want to consider the impact of the changes on their customers, and how they can assist them with both the transition and on an ongoing basis”, explains Ralph Neuff, Relationship Director at CHP and the whitepaper's principal author.
“Although the published standards leave lessor accounting largely unaffected, they may still necessitate some modifications to lessors’ IT systems. Additionally, there are changes to credit loss accounting that are more likely to require modifications”.
More info at this page at the CHP Consulting website.
Image: CHP Consulting
Authored by: Frank Jacobs