2 May 18

Solutions for data access management, self-service technology and fleet management software

At this year's Global Fleet Conference, three leading companies in their field of expertise are presenting their latest developments in dedicated Corporate Expert Sessions: Geotab will discuss how to successfully manage data access and privacy. Omoove will present self-service technology solutions for the fleet management industry and Sofico will offer insight into the added value offered by fleet management software.

You can be part of one of the sessions, just send an e-mail with your details and the Corporate Expert Session of your choice to Virginie Emonts, vemonts@nexuscommunication.be. 

Geotab: Successfully managing data access, privacy and security globally

In this expert panel, expert speakers will address topics for regional experts including the benefits, needs and concerns relevant to data access, cybersecurity and privacy concerns related to fleet management and business operations.

The expert panel will also discuss topics for global fleet managers. How do you ensure compliance and policy globally? How do you protect privacy and cybersecurity? What challenges are global fleet managers faced with? What do they need for the future?

The discussions will be followed up from a fleet manager’s perspective and a Q&A session with the audience.

With John Dmochowsky, Global Fleet Manager, Mondelez, David Madrigal, President, Element Fleet Mexico, Stefano Peduzzi, Director of Europe, Geotab and Colin Sutherland, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Geotab.

Omoove: Self-service technology solutions: how Omoove is changing the fleet management and vehicle sharing approach

This presentation is done by Edwin Maria Colella, VP Mobility Sales & Marketing, Omoove.

The new scenarios and future prospects of the mobility sector are heading in a new direction of the Self Service Economy.

In this race towards ready-to-use solutions, Omoove is leading the way within the Self Service Technology Solutions, offering a cutting-edge approach to meet new needs and requirements. In this presentation, you can discover the new solutions and key enabling technologies that Omoove is offering for the world of fleet management and vehicle sharing.

Sofico: The added value offered by fleet management software, now and into the future

The industry is going through an unprecedented period of transformation. More than ever, platforms and systems are needed that can cover the the full spectrum of contracted vehicle usage: financing, leasing, renting and sharing.

Sofico's software can orchestrate and aggregate a broader supply chain of multi-modal mobility; integrate seamlessly (through APIs in the cloud); provide high-available web and mobile front ends; connect 3rd party apps / services / platforms (e.g. mobility service providers, telematics services, smart contracts).

It also means Sofico can deploy new features and upgrade more easily, reducing time-to-market and impact. This allows fit-for-purpose technology choices; satisfies big data requirements and turns data into insight.

Make your choice by sending an e-mail to Virginie Emonts, vemonts@nexuscommunication.be. 

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck