25 Aug 21

Plentywaka raises $1.2m to boost West African mobility

Plentywaka founders build largest shared mobility platform in Africa

West African mobility start-up Plentywaka has moved a step closer to building the largest shared mobility platform across Africa by raising $1.2m in seed funding and acquiring Stabus, a Ghanaian mobility start-up.

Since its launch in 2019, Stabus has moved over 100,000 citizens across the Ghanian capital Accra by providing buses for passenger transport for private citizens and corporates. Stabus will now become Plentywaka Ghana and offer a new range of services (in addition to its current offering) including: low-cost and premium vehicles such as mini-vans, cars and public transport buses.

Due to its strong branding and service success in Nigeria, Plentywaka managed to secure funding from investors in the USA, Canada, China and Nigeria. Although the pandemic closed its business for six months, the company has 960 vehicles registered on its platform and is planning to expand into a further six African countries over the next two years.

Image of Plentywaka founders courtesy of Plentywaka.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway