18 Jan 24

Managing a Regional Fleet in Asia Pacific

Dealing with fleets operating in multiple APAC countries requires a solid understanding of the various geopolitical and market environments. With over 50 years’ experience working with fleets across APAC, ORIX Group’s local intelligence can strengthen how you manage and optimise your fleet operations across the region.

Choosing a seasoned APAC fleet partner

APAC's unique characteristics, including currency diversity, technology variations, corporate cultures, and regulatory complexities, can complicate the task of centralising fleet management. ORIX Group has local operations across APAC enabling ORIX Australia, a well-established fleet management and vehicle leasing company, to draw on local knowledge and expertise to navigate country-specific practicalities and regulations to meet your regional fleet needs.

Understanding the local market

The APAC region boasts a spectrum of market maturities. From the advanced markets of Australia and New Zealand to the emerging Malaysian and Indonesian markets, the environment in which fleets operate can vary greatly. 

To ensure your planning, implementation and operational outcomes align with your overall strategic objectives it’s necessary to navigate legal and regulatory complexities successfully, while maintaining a live understanding of availability of resources, technology and regional supply chains.

Incremental Progress for Regional Goals

Navigating the diverse and vast APAC region can take time. However, you can build long-term momentum by taking small steps to align local outcomes with regional goals. Achieving quick wins by addressing "low hanging fruit" can help minimise local resistance and garner buy-in from drivers and fleet managers.

Talk to ORIX

With operations in 13 countries and regions across APAC, ORIX can provide your business with both local insights and centralised support making it easier to manage your fleets across the region. ORIX’s ability to apply local expertise towards your regional strategy can help your business stay on track to meet your global strategic objectives. 

If you're looking for a fleet company to streamline your fleet operations in the APAC region, contact Cameron Gurr at info@orix.com.au