15 Mar 18

Iridium brings the connected vehicle a step closer

Image courtesy of nmedia/Shutterstock.com

Satellite provider Iridium Communications Inc. is bringing the reality of globally connected vehicles a step closer with the announcement this week of major enhancements to its Iridium Certus service. 

A host of new service providers signed up

Designed to deliver on-the-move connectivity beyond cellular, Iridium Certus Broadband for land mobile applications has six new service providers signed up, including: Globalsat, IEC Telecom, Marlink, McQ, Pivotel and Tesam Argentina S.A (Tesacom). 

Currently, Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the globe. Its constellation features 66 interconnected, low-earth-orbit satellites, which unlike geostationary networks, enables global coverage and the creation of small-form-factor antennas and terminals, suitable for in-vehicle installation. It also means communication is possible in terrains and geographies where cellular mobile service doesn’t exist. 

Switching between satellite and cellular

Iridium Certus offers seamless broadband connectivity that can be configured to switch between Iridium and local cellular services to ensure the most cost-effective option is in use at all times. This empowers commercially viable capability such as real-time vehicle tracking and immediate transmission of telematics information, while supporting internet, phone and email requirements. 

Prior to this week’s announcement, Certus had 6 service providers already signed up, including: Applied Satellite Technology, Arion Communications, Kaigai Communications, MVS USA, Network Innovations and Spacenet. Iridium plans to announce additional service partners in the coming weeks.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway